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SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes is a unique combination of well-known engineering solutions that allows to considerably increase the efficiency of passenger and cargo transportation compared to the existing modes of transport. Various options of alignment and applicability are provided to solve a wide range of transportation problems regardless of the terrain, landscape and climate. The cost of SkyWay track construction is tenfold lower compared to a conventional flyover. SKYWAY ADVANTAGES AND APPLICATION VARIANTS CONNECTION OF URBAN AREAS WITH MAJOR LOGISTICS CENTERS (RAILWAY TERMINALS, AIRPORT, SEAPORT): solution of the last mile problem; elimination of traffic congestion near entry/exit points to a city; reduced total travel time CONSTRUCTION OF FREIGHT ROUTES ALONG THE EXISTING ROADS: relocation of freight traffic from highways; unclogging traffic arteries; reduced accident rate; lower depreciation expenses for asphalt-concrete roads. CONNECTION OF SMALL SETTLEMENTS INTO A SINGLE TRANSPORT

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How megacities can change in the future – Как мегаполисы могут измениться в будущем

“Now cities are created for cars, and not for people!” «Сейчас города созданы для автомобилей, а не для человека!» The idea of ​​creating an ideal city, in which man harmoniously exists with nature, is everywhere found in the cinema, scientific and fiction literature. And if, up to the end of the 20th century, the concept of an ideal city existed rather in the field of socio-urban theories, today it acquires a second wind, gradually moving into the applied sphere of architecture and urban development. Идея создания идеального города, в котором человек гармонично существует с природой, повсеместно встречается в кинематографе, научной и художественной литературе. И если до конца XX века концепция идеального города существовала скорее в области общественно-урбанистических теорий, то сегодня она обретает второе дыхание, постепенно переходя в прикладную сферу – архитектуры и градостроительства. Modern architects and designers, such as K.

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